The Monkey King 2023

While Buddha is in charge of everything, the Monkey King is striving to ally with The Immortal Ones and persuade the Jade Emperor of his greatness. He emerged from a stone as a child and entered the worlds. Some people think the Monkey King is worse than the would be god since he got the Grand Column from the Dragon King and used it to fight evil and kill 100 demons in his desire to become a legend. Young Lin decides to travel with him in order to aid her town in overcoming a drought. The Monkey King, who seeks immortality and battles a variety of foes to achieve his goal, unwittingly puts a barrier between Lin’s goal and her destination as they move closer to their target. Explore HD Hollywood new movies now for free only on MyFlixer.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureAnimation


Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9