The Last Deal 2023

The narrator is Vince, a pot dealer from Los Angeles. Because of California Proposition 64, which legalised cannabis in 2016, everyone could anticipate folks in Vincent’s area of work to have an easier time making ends meet. Instead, it makes things more complicated. Standards and certification of product quality are already in place. On the legal side, there is government corruption, and the old outlaw side has a lot of dubious characters. Prescriptions and pharmacies are some of Vince’s rivals. The complexities of it all are fascinating. The narrative has the feel of a NPR investigation delving into the nuances of how the marijuana business has evolved. Because they have a direct impact on the characters, the facts have dramatic weight rather than merely being informative. Vince is in a difficult predicament because he is about to become bankrupt. Vince and Bobby, his friend and business partner, plan to borrow money from one gang in order to buy a large quantity of flowers. It doesn’t take long for things to start going horribly wrong, as everyone might anticipate. Rest you guys can know by watching the full myflixer movie.

Genre: 2023ActionCrimeThriller


Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.7