Kate, who works at the American Embassy in London, handles visa distribution while keeping an eye out for any connections to terrorism. As Dr. Balan gets ready to fly to the United States for a medical conference, Kate’s study into his situation prompts oddly protective responses from government officials. After being forced out of her position, Kate is shortly slated for death when top assassin The Watchmaker decides to kill her in an effort to put an end to her personal inquiries. After narrowly averting a bombing, Kate flees into the night, only to be caught by surveillance cameras and accused of killing her coworker. In an effort to assemble together information related to the mystery surrounding Dr. Balan, Kate asks people she can trust the most for assistance as The Watchmaker intensifies his chase. Enjoy new HD movies now for free on My flixer.

Duration: 96 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6