The House Next Door Meet the Blacks 2 2021

Carl is one of the survivors of a Purge like experience years ago. Nowadays he is a former best-selling author living in Atlanta. He is working to create a new book for his family that includes his wife Lorena, daughter Allie and son Carl Jr. He is joined by cousin Cronut in the battle of writer’s block. He observes his new neighbors who come out only in the night time. Cronut is definite that the new comers are villains while Carl is not convinced yet. Carl tries to meet the house head Mr. Mamuwalde who is a huge fan of the author and also interested in Lorena. When Carl realized that something is not right, he started investigating the shadowy living situation. But as he fails to see others, Allie goes missing and Lorena is effected by some strange powers that takes her to Mr. Mamuwalde. Stream latest English movies online on My flixer free of cost.

Genre: 2021ActionComedyHorror

Duration: 1h 37min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.6