Bodkin Season 1

Gilbert, an American true crime podcast broadcaster, and his research assistant Emmy, Robyn Cara, are at the centre of the story. They work together to solve the mysterious disappearances that plagued the Irish town of Bodkin for many years, together with journalist Dove, Siobhán Cullen. The town’s varied populace becomes interested in these inexperienced investigators as they continue to pursue their investigations. Some people love the show and its hosts, while others are hostile to the newcomers. Dove gets sucked into the mystery and will stop at nothing to reveal the truth, but Gilbert and Emmy are unwavering in their quest of yet another profitable endeavour. The trio’s friendship doesn’t get off to a good start at first, but as the show goes on, they grow to actually care for one another. Interestingly, the group benefits from their unique methods of questioning and interviewing. Check out this latest series on Myflixer Movies.

Genre: 2024ComedyDramaThriller

Duration: 45m min