Love & Death S01 E04

In Love & Death Episode 4, Betty was able to restrain her emotions and put down the axe. She persuaded Candy not to go back to her house and instructed her to only keep Alisa with her for the day. Betty tried to act normal, but there was a noticeable strain in the air. Even though Betty was already dealing with problems of her own, she couldn’t help but worry excessively about her connection with Allan. Betty was already on the verge of losing her cool when she discovered Allan was having an affair with the person she trusted with her life. She didn’t enjoy it when Allan had to travel for work. Betty and Candy were not the best of friends, but they respected, trusted, and cared about one another. Betty had a feeling something was going on between Allan and Candy after noticing something intimate in their body language when they were speaking. At that moment, she had no concrete evidence to support her claims, and if Candy had refuted them, she would have never been able to do so. Candy couldn’t tell Betty a lie because the unexpected nature of the question caught her off guard. Connect to my flixer for watching all new releases without any fees.

Genre: 2023BiographyCrimeDrama

Duration: 52 min


TMDb: 8.5