The Night Agent S01

The season one of The Night Agent follows a FBI agent Peter Sutherland. He is boarding a train on his way to home from work. Soon later, he witnesses a man throw a rucksack into the train and depart in an unusual manner, when he analyses the bag, he learns it contains a timed bomb. To protect the hundreds of civilians on board, the FBI agent orders an emergency stop and then assists passengers in evacuating through underground tunnels. The train bomb, on the other hand, bursts in seconds, killing one citizen but saving the great majority of others due to Peter’s courageous response. While recuperating from the frenzied events, Peter spots the man who planted the device in the train among the crowd and immediately pursues him. The attacker, on the other hand, flees when Peter is injured in a car accident. Watch myflixer TV shows online.

Genre: 2023ActionDramaThriller


TMDb: 7.6