Sentinelle 2021

Stream 2021 movie Sentinelle in ultra hd quality. The movie events are totally fictional. It also has its basis in real life. Klara (Kurylenko) is part of Operation Sentinelle. It is a French military operation deployed after the attacks in the Ile-de-France region by terrorists. The operations are set with the objective to save the sensitive areas of the region from terrorists. Klara is moved to the unit after a traumatic combat mission which leaves her living with PTSD and getting addicted to opioids. She struggles to adapt to environmental change at home. She goes out one day with her sister Tania (Marilyn Lima). Tania went with some bad people that night and is found in an unconscious state the next day on a nearby beach. Police know about the culprits but are powerless to take any action. This is because the Russians who are involved in the attack have diplomatic passports. Klara is now set to take revenge for her sister. Rest you can watch in the movie how she manages to hunt those Russian oligarchs. Stream Hollywood movies and TV series online without membership. Myflixer is a great platform to watch new movies.

Genre: 2021ActionDramaThriller

Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.7