Snakehead 2021

Tse Mei-Ying and her husband were arrested by police 8 years ago. Tse was jailed for 8 years while her daughter was adopted in New York. Tse made a vow to discover her daughter at any cost in the prison. She makes a deal with human smugglers of China known as Snakeheads especially in Taiwan. She agrees to become a prostitute for them in exchange to get to America. She begins working under a Chinese Mafia named Dai Mah who is also known as Pearl Ho, the leader of Snakeheads. She owes 57 thousand dollars to Snakeheads. Dai Mah is ruling Chinatown and lives with her oldest son, Rambo who has recently been out of jail after serving prison time for murdering his alcoholic father in childhood in the protection of his mother, Dai Mah. Watch myflixer movies free online at your home in Ultra HD video quality.

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeDrama

Duration: 1h 29min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1