Mother Android 2021

On Christmas Eve, Georgia Olsen discovers that she is pregnant with her sweetheart. The new disclosures upset Georgia’s tranquility as she would not like to become a mother at this age. Sam attempts to reassure Georgia and asks her for marriage, yet she is uncertain with regards to her relationship with Sam. Georgia chooses to conceal the mystery from her parents. In a rush, she leaves behind her phone in the bathroom and leaves the house to go to a college Christmas celebration. An android, Eli, possessed by the Olsens, welcomes Sam with Halloween rather than Christmas at the entryway, flagging the arrival of impending horror. At the Christmas celebration, the individuals witness a loud shrill screech like a technical error and then an android named Daniel turns savage. Daniel assaults Georgia and Sam, and they flee from the house to save their lives. Because of the error, the cell phones began detonating, killing the users. In the city, Georgia and Sam witness the destruction. After nine months, Georgia, anticipating her first child, has taken haven in the backwoods with Sam. The two couples are attempting to get to a braced Boston. They have heard reports about a boat that is shipping new moms to Asia where they can go through a great time on earth away from androids. However, to arrive at Boston, Georgia and Sam need to cross a No Man’s Land loaded up with destructive androids. Watch myflixer movies free online at your home.

Genre: 2021DramaSci-FiThriller

Duration: 1h 50 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.3