Red Right Hand 2024

Orlando Bloom portrays Cash in the Kentucky-set crime thriller. Ex-junkie Cash had to pay a price to leave Big Cat’s gang—a burnt red hand. He is making an effort to lead a quiet life following his sister’s drug-induced demise. From a shanty on her land, he co-manages the farm with his inebriated brother-in-law Finney and his clever niece Savannah. When Big Cat sends her gang to haunt Cash’s family because Finney hasn’t given back the $100,000 he borrowed, Cash finds himself dragged back in. Big Cat will never be satisfied with money since he wants to build empires. As a people person with indiscriminate killing talents, Cash must therefore use his specific abilities to help Big Cat continue her legacy. There are then several violent drug deals. Recognizing the danger, Cash and Finney also make sure Savannah knows how to handle a firearm. Enjoy best by Hollywood now only on MyFlix site.

Genre: 2024ActionThriller


Duration: 111 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.3