Tarot 2024

The story of Tarot begins when Hayley and Paxton, along with several other college students, rent a home for a birthday celebration. After they find a hidden chamber, Hayley gives her friends a reading using her understanding of tarot cards. But one of them gets hurt when they go back to the big city. The surviving buddies think it has anything to do with the reading after another event the following day. In order to find out where the cards come from and why they are cursed, Hayley conducts the investigation. However, after kids understand what’s happening, they will have to answer questions about the decision-making process. You’ll giggle at the reporting side of things when you see that the first occurrence is being recorded as an accident. Visitors can use with ease the navigation bar at the top right on Myflix website.

Genre: 2024Horror


Duration: 92 Min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.0