The Old Way 2023

Twenty years ago, Colton was a hired gun who was primarily focused on becoming a successful tracker. Colton finally marries Ruth after shooting a man who was attempting to defend his son. Years later, Colton has changed into a merchant who runs his small-town business while caring for his daughter Brooke, who comes to live with him one afternoon when the day’s scheduled school activities are cancelled. While the father and daughter take care of the business, Ruth is terrorised and ultimately slain by James and his band of armed thugs. U.S. Marshall Jarret tries to keep control by assuring Colton that law and order will triumph as his squad searches for James. Colton defies authority and embarks on a journey with Brooke to track down the murderer and inflict some form of justice. Enjoy latest and popular web shows and films free online only on My flixer.

Genre: 2023Action

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.4