Nightbooks 2021

Alex Mosher is a young boy from Brooklyn, New York. He is good at writing bewitching scary stories. His classmates often laugh at him and call him by the name Creepshow. Alex burned his night books when he finds that none of his friends comes to his birthday party. He feels alone and his heart is broken. He uses the lift to get to the boiler room. But as the lift suddenly halts on an unknown floor, he discovers an eerie apartment, 4B. A TV plays Lost Boys that is Alex’s favorite horror film and he gets the lure by a slice of pumpkin pie to get to the apartment. As he enters in, the apartment traps the adolescent storyteller. Stream latest Hollywood movies on Myflixers without any monthly plan.

Genre: 2021FamilyFantasyHorror

Duration: 1h 43min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.7