Beckett 2021

The movie follows American tourist Beckett and his girlfriend, April. Both are enjoying their vacations in Greece, they booked a hotel at Syntagma Square in Athens. But they changed their holiday spot due to a political rally in Athens. They planned to shift to a place near Loannia for peace. During the trip, Beckett falls asleep till the whole night. In that time, their car gets off the road and smashes a house. When Beckett wakes up at the hospital, he finds April is no more. He started blaming himself for the whole incident that happened at night. He gets back to the spot and tries to kill himself. But before he could have done any damage to his body, a blonde woman shoots at him. Beckett quickly analyzed that the armed lady is connected with the police and wants to kill him for some reasons that are not known. Watch MyFlixer Movies in ultra HD without any membership plan.

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeDramaThriller

Duration: 108 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6