Black Widow 2021

In the movie, Natasha Romanoff is the Black Widow who is trying to bring the Avengers to justice and for this, she is working with Ross. Although she tried to stay away from the sight but gets in danger after receiving a package with a special antidote. Sooner, she meets with her little sister Yelena. Both sisters are separated for years and have been troubled to deal with their past. As both work for Red Room leader Dreykov who leads the girls together as a cover for Russian agents Alexei and Melina. While seeking revenge Natasha and Yelena are looking to hunt down Dreykov. Stream new Hollywood movies on My flixer movie streaming platform without any subscription plan.

Genre: 2021ActionAdventureSci-Fi


Duration: 2h 13min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2