Night Swim 2024

Ray had a few excellent seasons as a baseball player. However, after receiving a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, he now requires Eve’s assistance to manage his physical deterioration. Ray, Eve, and their two children, Elliot and Izzy, moved to Minneapolis in search of a new beginning. Their aim was to buy a home where Ray could easily receive physical therapy and enjoy leisure time, complete with a swimming pool fed by springs in the garden. After spending some time in the water, Ray surprises Eve and his doctors by changing into his old self and feeling like himself again as he gets used to his new home and community. Izzy and Elliot have different perspectives on their backyard; they perceive odd activity in the pool and sense that something is attempting to infiltrate them in order to take control of them. Watch online free movies now at home only on MyFlixers.

Genre: 2024HorrorThriller


Duration: 98 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0