The Boarding School Murders 2024

In the movie, Frankie is given the opportunity to leave her foster home and enroll in a prestigious Swiss boarding school, but it quickly becomes clear that this once-in-a-lifetime chance has a deadly price. The boarding school appears to be keeping a lot of secrets as the minutes pass and gets progressively worse. Almost soon, everyone accuses Frankie of killing one of his classmates. With the help of an interesting group of people, Frankie becomes entangled in this web of falsehoods. The novel gains dimension from these individuals, which vary from the enigmatic headmistress who appears to be keeping something from the reader to the dissatisfied investigator who is juggling his own personal issues. Before it’s too late, can Frankie unravel the complex web of lies and find the murderer? Or will she become a tragic victim like so many others and have her picture permanently etched on the eerie walls? Stream now free movies with Flixer at home.

Genre: 2024Thriller


Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0