Merry Little Batman 2023

Wayne Manor has been spoiled with an extravagant feast by Alfred Pennyworth during the holidays in Gotham City. Bruce Wayne is called away by an unexpected event just as he is preparing to give his little son Damien his first utility belt. Damien’s biggest dream is to become a hero and carry on his father’s legacy. Soon after, he gets the chance when some trespassers enter the home. Damien discovers right away that they are more than just petty thieves. Actually, The Joker, who wishes to ruin Christmas for everyone in Gotham, employs them. Damien grabs a suit from the Batcave and goes after the Joker and his other villains, Poison Ivy, Bane, and the Penguin, before it’s too late. His two main goals are to convince his father that he can be a hero and to rescue Christmas. Enjoy new films here online with MyFlixer.

Genre: 2023AnimationComedyFamily


Duration: 92 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4