Passing 2021

The movie starts with Irene “Rene” Redfield walking down the roads of New York during 1920s. Irene is a black woman with a European lookup. Entering the white parts of New York she witnesses the city’s summer heat. While strolling, She also helps a white lady who perceives her to be white and praises her nature. For a cup of tea, Irene enters The Drayton Hotel where she meets her childhood friend, Clare Bellew. The two friends meeting again after a span of 12 long years started sharing the beautiful moments of their lives. Clare tells Irene that she is now spouse of a white businessman, John. They lives in Chicago with their daughter, Margery. Irene replies that she is married to a doctor, Brian Redfield and has two young boys, Theodore and Junior. In the discussion about kids, Clare tells Irene that she hasn’t told her husband about her black ancestry. She informed that after her dad’s death, her white aunt took her in, and when she turned 18, she wedded John. Watch MyFlixer Free Movies at home on any device.

Genre: 2021Drama

Duration: 1h 38min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6