Leave the World Behind 2023

Amanda quickly arranges a beach house holiday for her hubby Clay and children Rose and Archie in an effort to get away from society. As they escape New York, they make an effort to live in an opulent rental home and stay away from people. The family is confused when weird things start to happen during this vacation, such an oil tanker washing up on the beach. Soon after, G.H. and his daughter Ruth eventually stop by to see the foursome. After escaping a blackout in the main city, G.H., the owner of the property, requests to use a spare bed in the basement, leaving Amanda and Clay to take care of visitors. The families grasp at bits of information as more violent episodes and discoveries take place, trying to make sense of what’s happening to their country. But a deeper comprehension of the peril endures, plunging everyone into a panic. Watching full HD films is very easy with Flixer site.

Genre: 2023DramaThriller


Duration: 138 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7