Killer Movie Directors Cut 2021

It’s the Winter of 2008, and TV director Jake Tanner is unemployed. The TV drama he was dealing with has been dropped, and his representative just got him a new job. This one is on a show following the unlikely streak of wins of a North Dakota secondary school hockey group. Jake shows up in White Plains and something seems…off. A local team promoter has had a “mishap” that has left the town shaken. Jake needs to manage high-maintenance superstar Blanca Champion. She’s there attempting to bounce back her recent tabloid scandal and doing an investigation for a film role. When the cast and group individuals begin vanishing, Blanca ends up being insignificant. The body count is stacking up quickly, who could be responsible? The ex-convict from the backwoods? The short-fused hockey mentor? The team promoter’s boyfriend? Jake kicks into overdrive to stop the executioner and keep him and his team alive. This all-new Director’s Cut has been totally upgraded for 2021. Watch Myflixer Free Movies at home in Ultra HD video quality.

Genre: 2021ComedyHorror

Duration: 1h 20min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.9