Falling for Christmas 2022

Sierra Belmont was her father’s hotel’s wealthy heir. Sierra wanted to be independent rather than a spoiled brat. Tad, the man she was seeing, was more active on social media than she was. Sierra did not appreciate being surrounded by so many caregivers, but she was powerless to stop it because her father had made the decision. On the other hand, a hotelier by the name of Jake Russell approached Mr. Belmont. Jake was in a bad financial situation and requested him to contribute to his North Star hotel. Belmont, though, turned down his offer. On his way back from Belmont’s hotel, he ran into Sierra and escaped the chaos. They were in a dire situation where they needed to raise money to save their hotel, so Jake begged his daughter Avy to ask Shanta to perform a miracle for them. While touring the Christmas market with her grandmother, Avy made a wish. Come to My Flixer movie site and enjoy your day.

Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.4