Panama 2022

After the passing of his better half, ex-military man Becker is lost, incapable to call the solidarity to take part in life any longer. He’s pulled out of his plastered trance by Stark, his previous authority, offered a dark operations mission to head out to Panama during the rule of Manuel Noriega, entrusted with buying a Russian helicopter from the despot to assist the Contras with fighting the Sandinistas. Consenting to the gig, Becker starts to pursue associations in Panama, with street drug lord Enrique giving admittance to Noriega’s right-hand man, Colonel Justines offering an underlying installment of 1,000,000 dollars to get things going. Justines isn’t keen on a fair arrangement, hoping to keep the money, which befuddles Becker, who’s additionally shuffling the necessities of nearby whore Camilla, a secret lady he’s gone gaga for. Enjoy myflixer movies free online at home.

Duration: 1h 34 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0