Jungle Cruise 2021

The plot tells the events of 1916 where Dr. Lily is searching for an ancient arrowhead that is related to the Tears of the Moon. She is joined by her brother, McGregor, and gets the arrowhead secretly. Now planning to get through the Amazon River to find Skipper Frank. Frank is a seasoned boat captain who passes through dangerous areas safely. Dr. Lily did not understand at first that Frank is with moneyman Nilo willing to gather the money and get back to the river. Joachim who is a German officer is also in the pursuit of the trio. He is also hunting for the Tears of the Moon and eager to collect the arrowhead to get huge power. Aguirre who is a cursed Spanish conquistador is aiding Joachim. Stream Free English Movies On MyFlixer with zero ads.

Duration: 2h 7min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8