Creed III 2023

Adonis Creed has left boxing to work as a manager for his home gym and the current heavyweight champion, Chavez. Damian’s return disrupts his peaceful life with his wife, Bianca, and their daughter, Amara. Damien was a young boxing prospect 18 years ago who took the heat for Adonis after the latter was involved in violence and sentenced to prison, effectively derailing his once promising life. Damien has returned to the ring and is looking for help from Adonis to become a heavyweight contender. Unsure of what his old friend truly desires, Adonis enrols Damian in training, only to witness the unruly man claim supremacy, gunning for glory and the chance to destroy everything Adonis has worked for. Watch full flex movies now at home with Myflixer.

Genre: 2023Drama

Duration: 116 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4