Boston Strangler 2023

In 1962, Loretta aspires to higher opportunities while covering uninteresting topics for the lifestyle section of the Record American newspaper. With her husband James, she is a mother who balances the demands of work and family when she learns about a horrific murder in Boston. The crime scenes where a killer has been leaving the bodies of dead women in particular poses are too numerous for the authorities to adequately investigate. As Loretta notices a trend, she follows up on leads and contacts law enforcement. After some time, she develops a story that is suitable for the newspaper, and editor Jack agrees to give her a chance. Jack assigns Loretta, Jean as a partner after the news is announced. Together, they embark on an investigation into the killings in an effort to identify possible perpetrators. They also get along with Detective Conley, who is aware of the difficulties reporters face and how much labour goes into each article. Enjoy new My flixer movies now at home.

Genre: 2023CrimeDramaHistory

Duration: 112 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5