Blue Beetle 2023

Jamie has returned to his family in Palmera City after graduating from college, but things aren’t the same. Jamie is apprehensive about his future because Kord Industries is evicting his family from their house, his father is suffering from heart disease, and job options are few. Jamie meets Victoria Kord, the Kord empire’s head, who is dealing with her niece, Jenny, who is wary of her aunt now that her father, Ted, has gone missing while working at a resort with his sister, Milagro. Jenny thanks Jamie for his generosity by offering to look into work opportunities at the company, but when the young guy goes the Kord Building, he discovers Jenny fleeing, handing him a hamburger box for protection. Jamie is exposed to the Scarab’s power when he opens the container at home, a device that fuses to his body and supplies him with superhuman defense and energy, transforming him into the war machine Victoria desires. Watch full movie now here in HD on Flixer.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureSci-Fi


Duration: 127 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0