Big Gold Brick 2022

Samuel is prepared to forsake his life, tired of assumptions from his successful dad and burnt out on everything around him. He is migrating to the town of Rockchester where he is expeditiously hit by a vehicle. The driver, Floyd is frightened by the circumstance following Samuel into the medical clinic where the youngster is left with critical cerebrum injury. Floyd learns Samuel is an writer, immediately offering him work to make his biography and carrying him to his home to begin on the task. The outsider is acquainted with spouse Jacqueline, little girl Lily and child Edward, caused to feel part of this broken family. While Samuel leaves on the book project, his shouting mind can’t be quieted as managing the tormenting dreams. While Floyd starts to deal with him like his own child and offers a look at his exceptionally clandestine life. Watch every myflixer movie online in 1080p HD.

Duration: 132 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0