Everything Everywhere All at Once 2022

A moderately aged Chinese lady burnt out on regular issues is at the focal point of the film’s occasions. She simply needed to sort out her expenses. All things being equal, she was brought into 1,000 equal universes, where great many indistinguishable duplicates of herself carry on with totally various lives. Evelyn experiences every one of the various adaptations of her own destiny as she investigates these universes. In any case, it turns out she came which is as it should be: the multiverse is enduring an onslaught from an obscure creature that annihilates substitute courses of events. Evelyn should dig into her recollections, feelings, and fears to save the numerous varieties of herself. Watch exciting Hollywood blockbusters on Myflixer 2022.

Duration: 132 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.8