Studio 666 2022

Foo Fighters are outfitting to record their 10th collection with their mark proprietor in urgent need of a hit from the band, who’ve been taking as much time as necessary choosing how to manage their most recent contribution. For Dave songwriting motivation has been hard to obtain, requiring a difference in area to assist with animating thoughts. A secretive house is presented for the purpose of recording, introducing amazing sound with Dave and band mates Pat, Taylor, Nate, Chris, and Rami sinking into the home for an extended stay, wanting to make a work of art. Dave is before long stuck without a thought and he’s spooky by devilish dreams, driving him into the storm cellar where an insidious recording of an incomplete metal melody assumes responsibility for his body with the belonging prompting a tiring recording plan and a body count. Stream MyFlixer Movies online in 1080p HD video quality.

Duration: 106 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.0