My Life as a Cat 2019

Watch My Life as a Cat 2019 free myflixer movie online streaming in HD quality. In the lead role of Hiromitsu Kitayama in “Kis-My-Ft2”, a live-action movie of the popular manga of the same name by everyone Itaba. Kitayama, the first movie starring, plays a man who died in a traffic accident and returned to his family in the form of a cat. Toshio Takahata, a positive man who is a manga artist who can’t sell, but drowns in drinking and gambling without knowing how he is. On the way home, victorious and courageous in a bicycle race, he suddenly died in a traffic accident. Judgment of a postponement that returns to the family for a period of one month only to revisit his true heart, Kotobuki who came to “ Sekisho ” where the dead person is interviewed and the next life can be decided Receive. However, it was subject to the condition of “cat figure”. Mikako Tabe plays the role of his wife Natsuko. The director is Masaya Tatsumi of “Sweet Rain Grim Reaper Accuracy”. Watch more free myflixer free online movies in 720p rip quality online.

Duration: 1h 31min

Quality: HD+BD


IMDb: 7.0