Women Talking 2022

Moms, kids, wives, and sisters in a remote Mennonite colony in 2010 are coming to terms with the fact that they were all sexually raped by the men in the group. With the use of tranquillizers and fabrications, the attackers have been able to conceal their crimes, but the vicious cycle has been interrupted with the capture of one guy. Local activity has been stopped as a result, giving the ladies two days to choose between forgiving the men or permanently leaving the colony. When a vote is not successful, Agata, Salome, Mariche, Greta, and Ona, who is currently pregnant with her rapist’s child, decide to discuss the issue in a barn. As the conversation becomes heated and the group struggles with the gravity of the offences and the authority of God, only one guy, August, is left to take notes and help the group with their complaints. Watch myflixer free movies now with your friends.

Duration: 104 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.6