Clean 2022

Living in the inner part of the city, Clean earns through garbage collection, working a short-term shift without help from anyone else. He was left with his contemplation as he notices developing decay in his neighborhood. Clean scares due to recollections of his own little girl and his previous experience of substance misuse. He attempts to keep himself consistent and helpful, watching out for Diandra who is a teen girl confronting impact from local hooligans. Michael is a lawbreaker ruler in the town who deals with drugs using his fish market, managing the people who go against him. His child, Mikey is recently out of jail, getting back to the solace of local hoodlums leaving Michael baffled with his youngster as business gets muddled. This all sets interest from Clean as he attempts to keep up his control, stifling old senses. Check out all new movies online on My flixer.

Duration: 94 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.8