Ultraman: Rising 2024

Famous baseball player Kenji Sato, who spent many years playing in the US, has returned to his native Japan. In addition, Kenji is an Ultraman—a superhero who battles monsters that infiltrate cities. However, because Ultraman’s acts go against the Kaiju Defense Force’s authority, they are seen as illegal. One day, Ultraman tries to prevent Gigantron, a Kaiju, from being killed by the KDF. While Gigantron is destroyed, Ultraman manages to seize an item that the monster was guarding. The item is a massive egg that quickly hatches to reveal a newborn Gigantron inside. The adorable infant believes Ultraman is its father. Browse 2024 action animation Myflixer movies online without any membership cost.

Genre: 2024ActionAdventureAnimationMovies


Duration: 117 Min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0