Trolls Band Together 2023

Trolls Band Together is the franchise’s third film, and it’s possibly the strangest. Anna Kendrick returns as Poppy, the Trolls’ queen, who is now officially dating the grumpy Branch. He does, however, have a secret: he and his four brothers used to be members of the mega-popular boyband BroZone. The reality is exposed after one of the brothers, Floyd, is kidnapped by the talentless duo Velvet and Veneer. Floyd’s talent is being extracted artificially in order for him to win a singing competition; the only thing that can save him is BroZone reuniting and singing the perfect family harmony. Stream online new movies now in HD only on My Flixer.

Genre: 2023AdventureAnimationComedy


Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.0