The Fabelmans 2022

When Sammy was a small child in New Jersey, he saw his first movie, The Greatest Show on Earth, which featured a train disaster sequence that permanently changed his life. Sammy is raised by his parents, Burt and Mitzi, along with his three sisters, and he exploits the power of a camera to realise his dream of becoming a filmmaker. When Sammy relocates to Phoenix, Arizona as a teenager, his life is irrevocably altered. He begins to work toward his goal of becoming a director with the assistance of his fellow Boy Scouts. Additionally, he begins to comprehend Mitzi’s misery as a result of her bipolar disease and her uncomfortable proximity to Bennie, Burt’s coworker and best friend. Stream new movies now for free only on My flixer.

Duration: 151 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.2