The Bricklayer 2024

Once believed to be dead, Radek has resurfaced in the public eye. The former CIA agent is killing journalists all over the place while acting as though American agents are to blame for the atrocities. He is claiming to have secrets that will burn the CIA in retaliation for previous betrayals and has developed a plan for blackmail. He’s requesting a huge amount of bitcoin. While Vail attempts to live a quiet life as a skilled bricklayer for building projects, CIA director O’Malley is determined to get the former spy back into the fold. Vail takes the assignment with reluctance because it means facing his past role as the one who silenced Radek. He is partnered with inexperienced agent Kate. Vail seeks to neutralize the enemy and determine his intentions. The two are sent to Greece in search of Radek. There, they have a meeting with Vail’s contacts and discover more about the danger the assassin is trying to bring. Explore the new My Flixer collection right now.

Genre: 2024ActionThriller


Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0