The Blue Angels 2024

“The Blue Angels,” a documentary film centered around the Navy’s flight demonstration team, was specifically tailored for IMAX in two distinct ways. Firstly, from a technical perspective, the movie was filmed using Sony’s Venice 2 IMAX-certified digital cameras, providing audiences with the unique IMAX exclusive Expanded Aspect Ratio (EAR) experience throughout. Secondly, the film primarily serves as a visual spectacle, highlighting the advanced technology and skilled professionals associated with the Blue Angels. It functions as a promotional tool not only for The Blue Angels themselves, but also for the Navy, aircraft, the military in general, and a sense of patriotism rooted in iconic imagery, akin to the “Top Gun” films. Browse The Blue Angels 2024 in HD quality on Myflixer Movies.

Genre: 2024DocumentaryMovies


Duration: 1h 34m

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4