Unfrosted 2024

Unfrosted is a novella about the Cereal Wars set in an alternate 1963. When it comes to the kids’ breakfast food industry, Kellog’s and Post are vying for supremacy. The glum Quaker employees can only shake their heads in shame. Bob Cabana works as an executive for Kellogg’s and spends his days putting up with conceited cereal mascots. His boss Edsel Kellog III’s erratic decisions. One day, he hopes to have enough money to send his children to a reputable college and to have a sod-covered yard. It is creating a new kind of morning food that has the potential to completely transform the market. It overtake Kellogs as the leading cereal brand in America. Bob obtains Edsel’s consent to attempt developing a product that will outsell Post’s latest offering on the market. Browse the extensive list of exciting movies and shows on My flixer platform.

Genre: 2024BiographyComedyHistory


Duration: 93 Min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 5.6