Babylon 2022

The silent film era’s prime is in the 1920s, and Hollywood is buzzing with activity. Jack is enjoying his best life by swiping between several partners in order to maintain his box office appeal and his reputation as the icon everyone strives to be. Nellie is a woman from New Jersey who aspires to be an actress and uses her street smarts and brassy demeanour to make a big impression on those in authority. Nellie quickly establishes herself as a major draw at the box office once she is finally given the chance to shine. Jazz trumpeter Sidney aspires to be more than his lowly position. He offers himself a taste of the good life and creates intense noises that are perfect for cinematic examination. And Manny, a young guy with ambitions for his work, is making progress while maintaining his focus on Nellie, his tormented love interest. Stream myflixer free movies at home.

Duration: 188 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5