The Last of Us S01 E06

This specific episode featured one of the most important scenes from the entire series. The dynamics of Joel and Ellie’s relationship are effectively created by a number of factors, one in particular. While she feels safer around him, he is more frightened around her. The players did an excellent job and it paid off greatly. They nearly word for word adhered to the original content. The cliffhanger ending and the subsequent big shift in Ellie’s storyline are thus set up. But it seems that the Scenes for the next week will take a detour into Ellie’s past from the Left Behind DLC for the game. Given that we knew it was coming, it does seem like a fairly appropriate division for us to place it in. You guys can now easily watch all new English shows and movies only on myflixer HD.

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureDrama

Duration: 59 min