Soft Memory Episode 1 2019

Do I like him or ‘him”? With an instance of mixed up sexual orientations, does one addition while the different loses? An inspiring story pursues a gathering of understudies who course through existence with chuckling and tears. What they treasure in their souls is the best recognition of their childhood. Sun Xiaorou (Xin Ruiqi) is a 18-years of age understudy who pulverizes after her unrivaled perfect suitor. Ouyang Yusheng (Yi Heng) is simply the mainstream school virtuoso who discovers pounding on a similar individual and scrutinizing his sexuality. The object of their affections is Chu Lu (Ni Yan). She is the attractive understudy with a delightful voice who is confused with a kid. Gao Yuan (Cai Yida) gathers together the group as the understudy who is profoundly enthusiastic about music.

Genre: 2019MusicRomance

TV Status: ongoing

Duration: 34min min

TMDb: 8.3