Poker Face S01 E09

We meet wealthy man Trey Nelson in this episode of the series, Poker Face, who was convicted of insider trading and given a 14-month prison term. He was freed on parole at the conclusion of the fifth month, while still being placed under house arrest and being closely monitored by the police. He then went back to his home. Trey’s life had settled into a routine, and he was unable to leave the house due to his ankle monitor. He’d work out in the morning, make a nutritious shake, play video games, order meals from the same location, have a few drinks at night, and then retire to bed since he knew he couldn’t do anything else till he finished his sentence. Trey’s mental health deteriorated as a result of his loneliness and boredom. Enjoy your favorite shows online on my flixer.

Genre: 2023CrimeDramaMystery

Duration: 60 min