Moon Knight S01 E01

In the last couple of moments of Moon Knight, after one more leap in existence, Grant understands that all that occurred in and around that Swiss town with Harrow wasn’t a fantasy of his creative mind. He did, truth be told, kill a lot of thugs, barely got away from a lot of falling logs and is presently being trailed by Harrow. Along these lines, he attempts to caution the safety officer to not give any dodgy individuals access. In any case, he winds up eye to eye with Harrow, who has clandestine agents of his faction spread all over the exhibition hall, and solicitations Grant to surrender Ammit’s scarab. Harrow releases him, for a brief time, in the wake of figuring out that there’s bedlam in Grant. Enjoy latest series on myFlixer TV Show for free.

Duration: 47 min


TMDb: 8.1