1923 S01 E04

Episode four of Paramount+’s 1923 picks up hours after the doctor went to the Yellowstone Ranch to try to save Jacob’s life. Banner and his violent band of sheepherders were responsible for the horrifying deaths of John Dutton Sr. and Bob Strafford, the father of Jack’s fiancée, in episode three. Elizabeth and Jacob might be seen fighting for their lives as well. Cara, who had been working with the medical team, enters the kitchen. She surveys the space while the blood is still dripping from the table. It’s all too much, so she grabs a handkerchief and runs from the big mansion. She looks up at the sky and bursts into tears of grief. She takes a time to calm herself and comes back to finish cleaning up just before ranch foreman Zane Davis arrives. Watch Online Hollywood free movies now with myflixer.

Genre: Drama

Duration: 55 min