Munich: The Edge of War 2021

In 1932, Oxford student Hugh gets near to German classmates Paul and Lena to enjoy their days as the future of Europe is going to be changed by Nazi’s rise led by Adolph Hitler. Paul is a defender of the “new Germany,” he creates a break between him and Hugh, who detects horrors to come. Six years later, Hugh gets a position in Prime Minister Chamberlain’s office. He discovers his work need breaking his marriage with Pamela. As Hitler gets ready to assemble his powers, Chamberlain has decided to stop war, attempting to get back the German leader to the exchange table. In Munich, Paul is essential for a mysterious organization planning to capture Hitler for his violations, working his way to the pioneer’s internal circle. Stream full HD movies on my flixer in 1080p video quality.

Duration: 123 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7