Emily the Criminal 2022

A twenty-something native of New Jersey, Emily is struggling to find low-paying employment while still trying to pay off her unpayable $70,000 in education debt. Emily is losing her way while seeing her friend Liz, who has criminal convictions on her record, advance in her profession due to her inability to obtain more lucrative employment. After receiving a tip from a coworker, Emily visits Youcef’s warehouse where she learns of a chance to become a dummy shopper and use credit card information that has been stolen to make sizable purchases. After finishing her task, Emily becomes increasingly interested in the underground operation and its potential for advancement and starts to consider playing a more active position in organized fraud. With the new infusion of money, Emily’s life starts to change. She also starts to feel something for Youcef, and they both realize how complicated the situation is. Watch more similar movies now on Myflixer.To.

Duration: 97 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7