Marlowe 2023

In 1939, Philip Marlowe is a private eye attempting to eke out a living in California. His friendship with Joe is one of his links with the police, which he uses to assist with his cases. Clare arrives one afternoon with a task for Marlowe and requests that he look for her lover, Nico, who has disappeared, leaving her with an uncaring husband and a strict mother, Dorothy. As soon as Marlowe accepts the position and begins his research, he learns about Nico’s passing and the mystery surrounding it. Unsatisfied with this response, Marlowe continues his investigation into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, talking to powerful men like Floyd and Lou and looking into their connections to the allegedly dead man while fending off threats from those who would prefer the gumshoe focus on other issues. Browse famous Hollywood movies now at home securely with My flixer.

Genre: 2023CrimeMysteryThriller

Duration: 109 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.8