Integrity 2019

After years of tracing, the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption is preparing to prosecute Chen Chaoqun, head of the Lida Trade Group, and Zhong Jialing (Yuan Yuyi), a customs official, for illegal domestic bribery. However, in the pre-opening session, Xu Zhizhen (Zhang Jiahui), the former chief financial officer of Lida as a reporter and witness, temporarily changed his intention to appear in court and set off for Australia. The court gave a seven-day deadline. To this end, the case leader Chen Jingci (Liu Qingyun) and his wife, Jiang Xueer (Lin Jiaxin), who is working in the ICAC, jointly launched an investigation. Chen did his best to trace the evidence of Chen Chaoqun’s smuggling and bribery, and tried to find out the big tiger behind him. Jiang Xueer went to Australia and urged Xu Zhisheng to return to Hong Kong to testify.

Genre: 2019CrimeDramaMystery

Duration: 114 min

IMDb: 5.2